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Remove Valentine’s Day Greed

The four “nots” of Valentine’s Day marketers don’t want you to know.

Had enough of the crowded grocery stores with shelves well-stocked with PINK? The endless marketing tactics begging you to purchase heart-shaped chocolate–because, obviously, regular chocolate just doesn’t express your love properly.

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What about the cheap Valentine ideas that keep popping up in your web page margins, flashing you hott date ideas? Or the cheesy lovey-dovey commercials coming on every five minutes, trying to market romance.

Enough is Enough.

Valentine’s day isn’t supposed to be a marketing tactic, even though that’s how the day originated. It’s a day to make sure your loved one knows you care in a meaningful way.

Here you’ll find the four “nots” of Valentine’s Day that will hopefully turn your special day around and give you and your special someone memories that won’t blend into previous Valentine Days.

  • Valentine’s Day is NOT a competition.

Albeit subconsciously, men compete with each other when shopping for their girl, trying to out buy–and thus out spend. And girls often compare what their men bought them, flaunting their gifts, or, more precisely, the price tag.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about impressing your friends–it’s about only two people: you and your significant other. What other people think or do is their business, and what you choose to do is yours.

  • Valentine’s Day does NOT equate the degree of your affection with how much money you spend on your significant other. 

Perhaps money is tight this year, so guys, you spend $30 on flowers instead of your usual $80. That doesn’t imply you love her any less. And ladies, maybe you have to skip that frequent Starbucks latte for a month to afford quality groceries for that home cooked meal you’re planning for him.

Sincere love isn’t measured in dollar signs. If your other truly cares for you, he/she will understand and appreciate how you strive to maintain healthy finances.

  • Valentine’s Day can NOT be captured in a manufactured, factory-born card.

Marketers love Valentine’s Day cards. They feed into the false idea that buying a $4 piece of cardstock and scribbling your name into the bottom is enough to make a person feel really special. But think for a moment what YOU do with a greeting card like that. You smile politely, say thanks, read the cheesy saying, and throw it into the garbage the very next day. Seldom has a greeting card made anyone feel like they are sincerely valued.

Some people may think handwritten notes are as extinct as the dinosaurs, but in reality they are a timeless way to show people they are worth extra time, effort, and even really crappy handwriting. They say time is money, but effort is priceless.

  • Valentine’s Day is NOT an exception–it should be the norm.

Why wait for a single day to show someone he/she is special to you? In a way, waiting for Valentine’s Day cheapens whatever you choose to do. You shouldn’t need an excuse to celebrate your special someone. A bouquet or home cooked meal on a random day in May could be far more appreciated.

Hire a Tax Accountant

Keep in mind, taxes are due in just two months. Even though it’s tempting to overspend for Valentine’s Day, you need to maintain strict regulations on your finances. If you need any help filing for your taxes this year, our tax accountant agency will answer any questions. Call us at 315-331-7925 to enjoy your Valentine without any tax season headache.

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