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Some Special Fun this Summer (Accountant Sodus NY)

One minute we’re saying, “I can’t believe it’s summer already!” and the next, “Where did the summer go?” With all the regular summertime activities such as graduation parties, family reunions, the beach, amusement parks, and restaurants, summertime may cause a leak in your bank account. You might want to consider ways to save money this summer while still enjoying the season. After all, summer or not, disaster can hit at any moment and being prepared ahead of time may help you keep your head above water.

Tips for Saving in the Summer (Accountant Sodus NY)

Tip 1) Watch what you eat.
Eating out is easy when you’re on the run after a trip to the pool, the beach, or endless ball games. Restaurant bills can cost much more than eating at home. While the smells emitted from the Bonefish Grill might be irresistible, you can save a significant amount this summer by cooking on your own grill.

Tip 2) Carpool.
You probably enjoy the pool in your backyard, but now it’s time to enjoy carpools. If you have group days planned at the lake, pool, or amusement park, pile as many people in one vehicle as you can. While gas prices show no sign of going down, fill up only one vehicle each week to save your budget.

Tip 3) Maintain your credit card payments.
It can be very easy to get caught up with summer activities. No one wants to miss the fun and go inside to pay the bills. What fun is that when the sun is shining? Yet reality requires sitting down at the desk and taking care of those credit card payments. Late payments can cost you enough to hurt. It really is worth a few minutes each month to make sure payments are made, and made on time.

Don’t get wrapped up in the go-go-go and spend-spend-spend routine of summer. Save for the big vacations or any unforeseen disasters. The experts at Nichols Financial Services (accountant Sodus NY) can help you. We want you to have fun all summer long but still be financially stable if catastrophe happens. Let us review your financial situation and ease your worries if something disrupts your summertime fun.


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