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Retirement; You Can Be Worth Half A Million Dollars

Retirement; You Can Be Worth Half A Million Dollars

But You Need to Start Planning Today

You may ask yourself, “Why would anyone want to save for retirement instead of going on that weekend trip to Disney World? It’s the chance of a lifetime!” It’s also the chance to temporarily escape New York’s Nordic weather conditions and enjoy Florida’s balmy ocean breezes. So you ask again, why contribute to a retirement fund?

What if we told you that every year you procrastinate on either starting or continuing to your IRA, Roth 401k, SEP plans, etc., you’re robbing yourself of 5-figure numbers of pure income? Postponing your fund for even 5 years, from age 25 to 30, steals almost $100,000 directly out of your pocket. And who’s the thief? Not Disney!

Retirement is a hard commitment to make, but when you’re able to retire anywhere from 55-65–and avoid living off state welfare or your children’s income–you’ll be thankful you gave up (or saved for later) that trip to FL.

WARNING! Speed Bumps Ahead


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We’ll warn you right up front that retirement funds take time to grow. During the first three-fourths of your career you may grow discouraged, wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford retirement. But don’t stop contributing! Thanks to compound interest, retirement funds grow exponentially. Many retired individualized who diligently saved up for their post-occupation will tell you that during the last quarter of their career, they saw a dramatic increase in earnings. Don’t underestimate the magnitude of earning interest upon interest upon interest.

Start Making More Money Today

If you haven’t started saving for retirement yet, we’ll get you started with high interest accounts. In addition, we want to make sure your current retirement plans, if you have them, are making you enough money for your future needs. We provide individualized retirement plans including Roth IRS, 401(k)s, company-sponsored plans with 3-5 employees, traditional rollovers, and simple SEP plans. We offer financial advice, answering all questions. We’ll also analyze discretionary money to distribute appropriate sums into various plans for you on your behalf. Call us at 315-331-7925 to learn more!



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