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Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes are an important part of owning and running any kind of business. If you have anyone you pay, you need to be aware of payroll tax laws and procedures. Our accountant Seneca Falls experts can help keep you on track and make sure your payroll tax needs are being met.

Government agencies control the amount of payroll taxes taken and what those taxes are used for. There are federal income taxes that need to be paid and others. Social Security and Medicare are also part of payroll taxes. These funds are taken and put into a trust by the government.

If you fail to correctly handle payroll taxes, you could be looking at more than just a mistake you need to fix. There are serious penalties for not abiding by tax laws. Even if you have unintentionally gotten it wrong, you could face serious consequences. When it comes to payroll taxes, there is just no room or excuse for error.

Before you find yourself in a situation that has you in over your head, let our accountant Seneca Falls payroll tax experts see what we can do for you. Let us make sure you and your employees are all protected and going about your payroll tax obligation correctly.

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