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How to Spend AND Save for Mother’s Day:Insurance Agency Sodus NY

Moms deserve the best for Mother’s Day. They do everything for us on a daily basis; both stay-at-home and working moms are worth approximately $63,000 yearly salary (even though they hardly ever get paid what they’re worth). May 10th is the day to thank them for all that they do for us.

So what do moms really want?

According to an Insure.com survey, 32% moms want a family vacation for Mother’s Day. They want to put aside daily responsibilities and spend time with family. Some other preferences were romantic getaways, a day at the spa, breakfast in bed, and maid service.Insurance Agency Sodus NY

But what if money is tight this year?

If you have to work around a budget, you don’t have to go crazy for Mother’s Day. You have plenty of options to make mom feel special without spending a fortune. And moms don’t often expect you to spend much on them, since they understand the most meaningful things in life don’t cost money.

So although moms are the best reason to splurge, how can you give something meaningful without breaking bank?

Check out the suggestions below for inexpensive but significant ways to show mom you appreciate her. →

Simple Gifts

Gifts don’t have to be extravagant. Choose some simple gifts for her, such as:

Insurance Agency Sodus NY

Insurance Agency Sodus NY

  • Flowers: They don’t have to be roses. And arranging them yourself would mean a lot to your mom
  • Flower Bulbs: Offer to help her plant them so she doesn’t view the gift as a chore
  • Photo Album: Share memories and reminiscence about the most important moments of you mom’s life
  • Framed Family Photo: Family is one of the most important things to moms
  • Make a Card: If you have kids, get them to help! 61% of the moms who took the survey said they preferred homemade gifts from the kids or grandkids

Help her Out

Most moms just want a day off – some time to spend completely on themselves. You can make that possible by taking care of simple chores so she won’t have to:

  • Do the Dishes: You don’t have to pay for an expensive restaurant. Make a lovely meal at Mom’s home – but then clean up afterward
  • Insurance Agency Sodus NYFix what’s Broken: Those fix-it jobs often add up and your mom probably doesn’t have time to address any of them. If you’re able, give her hand and make her life easier
  • Call her on the Phone: Even if she doesn’t live nearby, remember to make an effort to show you’re still thinking about her

So it’s not impossible to save even while you spend on Mother’s Day. If you have anymore questions about financial advice or need the help of an insurance agency, take a look at our service page and we’d be happy to help!

In the comments below, tell us how YOU plan to celebrate mom this year! →


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