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What Your Current Financial Situation Says About Retirement

Retirement dreams can become a reality or just remain a dream. Your current financial situation has a lot to do with which one turns out to be the case. You can never start planning for your retirement at too young an age. The professionals at Nichols Financial Services (accountant Sodus) can help you determine what your current financial situation is and how it will impact your retirement.

It is estimated that you may need roughly 80% of your current income to maintain the retirement of your dreams. The first thing you need to do to see if that is possible is to take stock of where you are now. Think about your assets, loans, stocks, income, and real estate holdings right now. Are these things that will add to your retirement plan or hinder it? Think about how long you genuinely plan to work. Do you have enough years left beforehand to really rework or reorganize assets for your benefit down the line?

A financial professional can help you outline where you are now and what steps you really need to take to make retirement a reality for you and your loved ones. At Nichols Financial Services (accountant Sodus), we can outline market trends and analyze the risks of certain investments so you can better see your current and future financial life.

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  1. Daydreaming about a successful retirement is one thing, but planning early enough for it is another. Knowing your financial standing is the starting point for this process. Great post.

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