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RV Insurance is Important, Too!

Just like homeowners and car insurance, RV insurance is a vital part of owning an RV. This is true for both vacationing and for full-time RV individuals. Without it, you are leaving yourself, your family, and others at risk.

Just like any vehicle, there is always a risk of an accident when driving an RV. However, if an RV is involved in an accident, the damage is often much more than that of a regular vehicle. Because of their size, an RV can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to both the RV as well as any other object involved in the accident. This is just the beginning when considering the risk factors in an RV.

Because individuals live in RVs, whether temporary or full time, there are also risks of falls and injuries while living inside. Guests inside the RV can also be injured. If these injuries should happen to occur, the RV owner can be held liable for them. This is similar to the liability that a homeowner would have if a guest was injured inside of their home.

In addition to physical damage, property damage can also occur within the RV. Theft, electrical damage, and water damage are just a few of the potential damages an RV owner can face. These damages can result in serious loss for the RV owner if they are not insured. If the owner carries insurance, however, these damages can be paid for. And just like other motor vehicle insurance, RV insurance is almost always legally required.

The amount of coverage needed for an RV owner will vary depending on how often the vehicle is driven, as well as how often the RV is used as a residence. For full-time RV owners, more comprehensive coverage should be carried. This coverage can even cover the cost of damage or loss of property that is held within a storage unit. Carrying insurance on any vehicle or home is not only responsible, but it also protects the owner from both suit and damages.

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