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Nichols Financial Services, Newark

Financial Accountants You Can Trust

Nichols Financial Services, a premium financial planning firm based in Newark, provides the best accountant solution to all your tax related problems.  Founded in 1982 by Richard H. Nichols, an international accountant, the firm has since expanded its services to better meet the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to give financial advice to workers so they can make informed financial choices.

Our financial advisors specialize in the following areas:

  1. Insurance
  2. Tax preparation 
  3. Payroll
  4. Accounting
  5. Retirement

Nichols Financial Services offers a comprehensive financial planning service to help clients balance their financial life.  Whether you need accounting advice on your next mortgage plan, pension plan, tax or investments, we are fully qualified to handle any type of financial queries.

The financial Accountant  in Nichols Financial Services are experienced, well educated, and highly skilled professionals dedicated to provide financial strategies to clients and build a professional relationship based on integrity and trust. The firm currently has 10 employees in three convenient locations: Newark, Waterloo and Sodus. We now serve over 1,800 business and many individual clients across New York State.  Nichols Financial Services, built on timely customer service, goes the extra mile for each and every client.

Nichols Financial Services Accountants are best in Newark

Nichols Financial Services Accountants are experts at helping small business owners and self employed individuals with their financial needs.  We offer accounting service at affordable prices that are viable and budget friendly. In addition, our accountants can explain tax returns so that you fully understand every aspect of your tax accounting.

With offices in Newark, Seneca Falls, Rochester, and Sodus New York, Nichols Financial Services is here to serve you all over both Wayne and Monroe County. We strive for the highest level of client satisfaction by maintaining professionalism in all aspects of accounting.
We want to educate people in Seneca about their financial needs to help them make informed choices. We exist to help our clients make rational financial decisions and empower them with the best accounting service in Seneca Falls. We'll maintain our accounting standards only when we provide all the accounting details for our clients.